Friends & Neverland

Pain Pain Go Away!

Anyone miss me?
Anyone wondered what happen to me?
Hahahahaha.. I know I am very thick skinned but I do really hope people will miss my presence…
It’s coming to 20 days since I extracted all 4 of my wisdom teeth.
Ouch! It still hurts when I eat hard things. So I try to eat soft food or liquids eg, fruit juice and/or without yoghurt and soupy food that had been cooked for long hours etc.
The part I hate most is the food stuck in the 4 holes whenever I eat. Dentist gave me a special syringe to wash the food remains but it is difficult to carry it wherever I go. Hence, I will always carry a bottle of water so that I can rinise my mouth after each meal.
Why not use the tap water? You see, the second molar on my right bottom row of teeth was badly infected before the wisdom teeth extraction. Hence dentist had to get it filled up and sealed, in the attempt to save it.
Yah, save it.
Dentist told me if I came later, I might have to do a root canal. But it seemed that my repaired tooth is still alive. So let’s pray it gets well soon so that I don’t need to spend a bomb to do root canal!
Dentist said it takes 1-2 months to ‘link’ up the fillings with my nerves. Meantime I will still feel pain on this second molar, whenever I drink water that is below room temperature 😦 Tap water is usually below room temperature, thus I will be torturing myself if I use it to rinise my mouth. 😛
Sob.. I hope my second molar will recover soon 😦 if not you will see my face twitching whenever I eat food below room temperature. 😦
I really like my surgeon dentist, because she is very motherly. After each of my review, she would say “poor thing, hope your teeth will get well soon”.
During the last review on 4 Nov, she even had this ‘cannot bear to leave me in the hands of other general dentist’ kinda of look. And she repeatedly asked ‘you have your own dentist?’ When I said ‘no fixed dentist’, she said she will arrange one for me so that he/she can look after me.
Feel so loved!!!
Hope I will fully recover by the next review in February 2014!
See my non-swollen Chio face Lolz
Laogong said this one looks nicer.
But I think this looks better!
Which do you think is nicer?

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