Marriage & Parenting

James, the Food Lover

Despite having no tooth at all, he eats almost everything he can ‘chew’ and swallow.
Yes, he will be like a little puppy who ‘runs’ towards you in his walker, whenever he sees you sitting at the dining table. When he reaches you, he will give you the widest smile, which seems to say ‘feed me’!
He tried quite a variety of food over just 2 months. He started cereals at 4 months and loves celerac white rice cereals the most.
I guess my two children are really very different. Jamie preferred brown rice cereals to white rice cereals. These are the two brown rice cereals Jamie had loved.
James would struggle when fed with brown rice cereals. And even after his porridge with potato, carrots and fish for dinner, he will still need a bottle of 200ml milk added with two scoops of white rice cereals!
Yes, it’s good to be able to enjoy food but sometimes he can get upset if you don’t allow him to eat what’s in your bowl! Haha! He is so cute when he asks for food!!!
See how much he enjoys his food! In this picture he is eating tempura ebi!!!

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