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[Game Review] Indulged in a ‘New’ iPhone game – Hay Day

Why did I use the ” for the word new?
Actually this game is not a new new game. Many of my friends had started playing it for a while. But it’s new to me lah! My manicurist was the one who introduced the game to me last Sunday. I will write a separate blog post about my pretty gellish nails!
See the number of friends already at high levels in the game!



And they have really pretty farms!!!
Show you the best farm at level 100 (I think he is either the creator or moderator or administrator n this game) Eventually we can have ships and mines too!!! And pretty garden structures!
Okay! Now you know what you can look forward to in this game.
Let’s have a look at my farm ;P
It’s something like FarmVille or Country Story BUT the crops and products you produced DO NOT rot or expire if you do not have time to attend to it!!! Think this is a major challenge to most of us who are working and has no time to follow the ‘dateline’ of each processing crops or products we put on tasks!
And the animation is really cute! The farm animals even wear clothings and accessories! What’s more, you need to think a bit to play this game because to make cheese, butter, cookies, bread, popcorn, pancakes etc, you are actually using up the crops meant to make nimal food. Hence you need to plan properly so that our animals have food to eat, yet you can create the products to fulfill the order list.
Cute Animals
The Order Board and Random Customers
There is this order board in the game, which is something like the quest list in other games. However the good thing is none of the order will expire, so you can take your time to produce the ordered items. And the list will just go on and on, for you to decide which to meet first, especially if the orders are similar. So you can think a it whether you want to use the corns to make corn bread to meet the corn bread order or simply just sell the corns you harvest. Other than the order board, there are also random customers who offer quite good prices for different items. You can also sell to theses customers if you feel they offer a better rate then those on the order list.
And one of the most interesting part of this game is………
Marketplace Stall
You can sell what you make to other players, they could be your Facebook friends or simply any strangers who need to buy certain products to meet certain orders. How do we reach out to these strangers? There is a newspaper advertisement running 3hrly. You just need to select the items you want to sell and put it at a market stall in the game. And the items will appear in the newspapers! The magic is that if you happen to sell something that most people don’t sell, then you can quote a high price for it. However, the bad part is, you cannot remove the items from the market stall once you put it there. It has to be there until someone buys it and no changing of selling price too. But you can ‘throw away’ the items you no longer want to sell. It will be a waste isn’t it to throw the unsold items away 😦 you could have use it to meet your new order list. So only put on sale all your ‘extra things’ or if you just want to earn money and not meet your own order list. Well, you may earn more from the marketplace stall after all too ^^
Interesting right?
You can also sell things to your friends too by placing the items into the stall and asking your friends o go buy from there! It suddenly reminds me the Neopets in the good old days! But this is even better! You can to think through and plan, yet you have little risk on waiting any resources sinc you can always buy the crops in the market place ^^
And if you are impatient like me, you can pay to buy diamonds or coins to speed up the building of your farms too! 😛 But th game also rewards a good number of diamonds fo completed tasks! So if you are not too impatient, you can slowly accumulate your diamonds to use it during ’emergencies’.
Enjoy the game! Tell me if yo like it k!

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