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Obasan to Hot Mama #2 (My Slimming Journey – Losing 16kg in 3 months) – Start of the Journey!

A bag of cucumbers marked the start of my 10 weeks journey in the Making of Hot Mama.
Yes, that was my dinner. And from 7pm till 7am, I am not supposed to eat or drink anything. Though I am not a big fan of supper and I don’t drink a lot of water, I still feel it’s gonna be a tough first night!
Please cheer for me k?
How to cheer ah? Hmmmm… maybe by not eating in front of me? Hahaha…
Okay lah, I should not mind people eating in front of me. Both my body and soul should be in peace and able to fight off temptation! So don’t worry if you want to wave the big fat crispy chicken wings in front of me k! Hahaha…
Oh yes, other than doing a series of close follow-up on my fat-shedding journey, I will also include some interesting sharing/articles on beauty and fashion. Afterall to become a Hot Mama, being slim is insufficient. You also have to have good skin, nice hair, great makeup and impressive fashion sense!
Am in the midst of working out some great treats for my dearest readers! So do subscribe to my blog by facebook, twitter, rss or email and follow me on imotiv!!! Don’t miss out the 好康 (lobang) k!!!
Sponsors and Advertisers, if u are interested to be featured in these series, do email me at!
Jiayou Jiayou Jiayou to myself ^^

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