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Obasan to Hot Mama #1 (My Slimming Journey – Losing 16kg in 3 months) – A is my Saviour!

I realized lately I really hate seeing myself in the mirror. Thanks goodness, my round face hasn’t gone too ‘out of shape’ or I might have wanted to smash the mirror 😛
And I had been greeted more than once with the comment ‘oh! It’s u. I cannot recognize you from the back. U look.. Ermmm different…’
I know they were trying to be nice by using the word ‘different’. But I really know that they actually mean I am fat.
Yes, the Jolene who used to wear size 36, size 1-2 and S-M, cannot even fit into a M size now. I know I am not hopelessly obese but I cannot accept my current self now.
My good friend, A, recommended me to try her slimming programme. She was like me, put on quite a lot of weight since she gave birth 4 years ago. After years of trying out different slimming ‘remedies’, she finally found her savior. She lost 7kg in 3 months without exercise, but she went through a torturing diet and acupuncture programme. I saw her in my own eyes and I believe this programme works.
But somehow I was was hesitant whether go take it up. The costs involved is significant but manageable. However, the uncertainty of the diet schedule and whether it can complement my work nature is what worries me. Being constantly on the move, carbo is something that gives me the energy I need to last till I finished my visits and reached the nearest makan place. Without carbo, I am really not sure if I can last for more than an hr.
I decided to arrange for an appointment to find out more about this slimming programme from the therapist aka boss herself. I spoke to her once on the phone and she sounds nice and helpful. I believe she can give me some assurance and clarify my doubts.
I seriously hope this slimming programme will raise my self-confidence from the pit-bottom… And I hope this can also be the savior of whoever experiencing the same stage as me now…
If the consultation turns out well, I hope all of you can join me in my journey from
Obasan to Hot Mama. 🙂
Stay Tune!

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