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Countdown to Taiwan!

This is the first time we decided on such a last minute long trip! For a second I was lost. But the next moment I was very happy!
Laogong is really sweet to suggest this trip, knowing that I was very stressed with the new routine.
I know this will sound funny but I had always aspired to b a super mum. A mother who can take care of the household, the kids and perform well at work. I was really upset with myself for not being able to achieve this aspiration yet. I was so upset that every few days I cried because I felt very lousy and worthless.
However, Laogong told me everyone has their choices and definition of super mum. Being able to sustain a stable income, have time for the kids and manage the household with the helper’s assistance is also something not easily achievable. Hence Laogong told me I must be proud of my current ‘achievement’ too 🙂
For this, he said I deserve a good break from coping well as far, since I started work.
Not sure if I will be able to plan an itinerary before the trip (14-17 June), but I believe we will have as much fun exploring Taiwan without an planned itinerary!
Taiwan!!! Here I come~~~!!!

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