Friends & Neverland

Editing My Blog

Hello~~~ Good Morning?! Hahaha… If you noticed the messiness of the Blog Labels… Yea! I am in the midst of editing my blog! Had been procrastinating over this… for as long as I can remember 😛 So hopefully THIS IS IT~!!! First of all, I had registered a domain name for the blog~ Hurray!!! The new URL is! But you still can find me on and of coz on nuffangx too 🙂 Please download this awesome Apps IMOTIV so that you can follow your favourite blogs! With this apps, you can be updated on the whole list of new posts by your favourite bloggers! And don’t forget to add me in lah 😛 Only managed to ‘clean up’ the side column a bit. Wonder if it looks better now? Halfway through the Blog Labels… Hope to get it done by end of the week!

Stay Tune ^^

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