Marriage & Parenting

Botak James

Took James for his shaving a while ago. Kinda of 舍不得 his golden brown hair and dragged the shave until today. Thought will be good to finish all my ‘errands’ before my Beijing Trip. Coz once I come back from the trip, I need to prepare for start of work…

Took more photos of James with his hair before we left home. He was in a sleepy daze and looked rather emo. Guess he must be trying to figure out what do I mean by ‘shaving’ his hair…

He was very cooperative during the shave. He sat still but looked troubled. When it was time to shave the brows and lashes, he moved a bit becoz it was not a pleasant feeling having shave knife gg across his thin facial skin. We held him by the head and told him to close his eyes. The hairdresser was fascinated that James closed his eyes as instructed.

James continued to look emo but dozed off as we headed home.

Glad that he has a very oval shaped head like Laogong, hence he looks very cute without his 三千烦恼丝!

Looking forward to see him in his thick hair, defined brows and long lashes soon!!!




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