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Happy Full Month Alvern ^^

Happy Full Month Alvern ^^
A month flies and now my dear friend Sandra has completed her confinement and Baby Alvern is one month old already!

Miss the good old days when I choose to laze at home or bring Jamie out whenever I want to 😀 Miss those precious days and moments I spent watching Jamie. Cleaning and Washing was seen as something very mandane then but now, it’s something very enjoyable for me to do for Jamie. I guess too much of anything is no good 😛

Hence I still have to work but yet to ensure I have enough time for Jamie. To see her new surprises everyday. And to have her kiss my cheeks before I go to work everyday and when I come home from work. And before we go to sleep 🙂

And I just remember that I hadn’t blogged much about the preparation of Jamie’s first year birthday party. Hmmm and since we are on the topic of full month, I will just briefly touch on the preparation for baby’s first month celebration and first year birthday celebration.

I think when it comes to deciding how we will like to celebrate our baby’s full month, it depends largely on 1) Budget 2) Targeted Guests

If Budget is a concern but not Guest Size then you can consider the following:

1. Less than 30 pax
– A potluck / home made food
– A simple BBQ session.

2. More than 30 pax
– A simple tea buffet at $5/pax

You can prepare the red eggs yourself too and buy some ang ku kueh + glutinous rice from the market to add on to the dishes.

If Budget is NOT a concern but Target Guests ARE a concern, you can consider the following:

1. Less than 30 pax
– Ala Carte Banquet at a restaurant – $25-$30/pax
– Buffet session at home – $12-$15/pax

2. More than 30 pax
– Buffet session at restaurant – $20-$25/pax
– Buffet session at Chalet – $12-$15/pax + rental of chalet

If you have no issue on budget, you can consider to add on to have nice full month gift sets to your guests. You can easily find the whole list of bakeries available online that supply these gift sets from $6.80 to $15.80/box. Different bakeries may require different minimum order.

Full month celebration is definitely easier to prepare than the first year party.

Will share more on the preparation for first year party shortly.

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