Marriage & Parenting

Home Sweet Home

It had been 10 days since we moved into the new house. But it felt like a very long time.

However, we definitely have alot more things to learn. We have to learn how to live without our inlaws, learn how to accommodate with each other’s difference in handling household matters and learn how to manage the home finances.

It is definitely very different from the previous 3 years of our lives. We were once very sheltered under my MIL’s roof and did not have to worry about the utility bills. We simply need only to give my MIL an allowance every month and never asked if the allowance was sufficient to pay for the utilities and food at home 😛

Now it’s always about dollars and cents. We need to ensure we don’t waste electricity and tried many ways to save and recycle the dirty water. We had to educate our helper that electricity and water in Singapore is very expensive. We had to ensure the house is always in tip-top shape before the house warming LOLz…

But then it’s our own home afterall~ Whenever we thought about this, we felt it’s worth it going throuhg the details and worried about the home finances.

We can design the house the way we want. We can do housework the way we want. We can eat the type of food we want. We can do anything we want 😀 Most importantly, our friends can visit us whenever they want 😀

Well, welcome to our new nest any time 😀

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