Marriage & Parenting

Hours before the Cut

Didn’t have time to blog the last two days because was too busy doing my last shopping and going through my checklist!
I am all rise and shine on 9 Jan 2013 morning at 4am! We are supposed to be at the admission counter at 5.30am and C-Section at 8.30am! Though this is not my first cut but I feel more anxious than the last round. Maybe becoz I know what to expect already?

Happy Anniversary Laogong and me! It’s our 13th year together and also another new beginning too! We are looking forward to ‘collect’ our anniversary gift in 5-6 hours time!

Jamie seems to b fine and happy when I told her we are going to see didi tomorrow. She only whined when I told her Mummy won’t be home to sleep for the next few nights. Let’s pray for a positive attitude from her when she sees her new companion!

Dear James, enjoy the few hours you have left in Mummy’s womb and may you become the second man of the house and takes over the good example baba had set for you in taking care of the family and the extended families!

Haha! Sounds like some great expectations but it’s not difficult as long as you want to! May you be a caring child who also has good EQ like your big sister!

Seeya soon, my dear James!!!

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