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Maybe it is really too last minute for us to hope we can get a good confinement lady (CL). But I still believe in fate. If the agent can make it happen once, she can make it happen again.

Some said,” Chinese New Year season mah, sure not many CL left to work. I should count myself lucky Liao.”

I guess if they were honest from the beginning, we can work things out. I don’t believe there is only one solution to each problem. And seriously, it’s not that we cannot afford to pay more at the CNY rate, just that we 不甘心let them treat us like cabbages and chop chop chop. If u are sincere and you are honest about your thoughts, we can always negotiate for a price both parties are happy with. What I don’t like is, say ok already then pattern Liao Liao.

So the first CL said she only wants to work CNY rate after she said ok. Was she trying her luck to see if she can find another last min customer like me who cfm need CL during CNY? When she could not find one, she Qing Cai and take me first. When she finds one then she chu pattern n ciao? Shows how in compassionate she is but at least it’s only the money issue.

Second CL is worse… She said ok one week ago. She saw the news came out saying no bus tix after 2/2 to other parts of JB. She called to say she cannot find bus tix after 2/2 so she needs to go home by 2/2. I blasted at the agent, this is the kind of ‘good ppl’ u are introducing me?! Nevermind, we will b nice.. We are familiar with JB/Msia routes n we have a GPS. It only takes lg 1.5hr to reach malacca and 3hrs to reach kl. We can send her to her doorstep at segamat in an hr. Then her fox tail revealed… She said she really needs to go back earlier to prepare for Cny prayers and said she needs to go by 6/2 and her relative can fetch her from causeway. Oh, now u have transport! Obviously she was trying her luck.. We didnt say anything n agent said fair enough then she shld rebate 2 days to us. CL said ‘no! I rather not work!’ For S$164 she rather not work?! It could have been an easy two wks chores for S$2300-S$164. Actually we are prepared to give the full sum to her plus a big angbao, if she does her job properly. But we are not gg to submit to her threats and worse it was only for S$164!!! It is really not about the money but the other party’s attitude and lack of compassionate and honesty. Now is she wants I also don’t want Liao..

Agent told me she still have one ‘not too bad CL’. Seriously I am very sian already.. Why is it so difficult to find someone FYI take care of James? Was it the reason why he felt he was not ready to come out yet or he can sense that ‘we are not ready’ to receive him yet? He must b a very smart boy to have known all these things might happen. I guess my gynae n some friends are right. Babies do know when we are really ready to receive him.

Some told me to change agency n demand a full refund of deposit. Some told me just accept this 3rd one lor. Some told me find another agency.

I decide to accept this 3rd CL n wait for gynae signal. Actually I m just Sian now.. Maybe I need to wait for another two wks before James can come out.. If so maybe I just don’t want a CL after all? I m happy with a 50% refund to stop my stress…

Another two hours more for the verdict.. All the best to me ^^

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