Marriage & Parenting

New School Term

All ready for Jamie’s first day of N2 tmr!!!

Time flies! It was only yesterday when she was 19mths and enrolled into Toddler/PG class. And now she is a little 3+ years old lady! She even chose the towel and pj she wants to wear tmr in school 🙂

It has always been like a tradition since my schooldays when my mum tried to buy everything new for the new school term and she would stayed up to pack them nicely into the sch bag on the eve of the new school term just to make sure we didn’t miss anything out!

And here I am, sleepless and anxiously took over the chore from my helper to pack Jamie’s bag with Jamie.

I even did the ultra kiasu thing -> write Jamie’s name on every uniform, towel and PJ!!! Haha coz Sometimes the teachers will pack in the wrong items for the children. To avoid confusion n argument I think it’s really a Gd practice to do this! Heehee…

All packed and all ready! Time to zz… N start hoping James come out soon…

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