Marriage & Parenting

The Last Lap!!!

Initially I had thought I can wait until the last week then take leave but I realised I can’t becoz my feet are swollen like pig trotters and my back feels as if it will give way anytime.

Both pregnancies are really different. Jamie’s was much easier and less complication (other than the 3d2n at KKH due to food poisoning Lolz)

James’ was much difficult with spotting at early stage and even in the second trimester. Now in my 3rd trimester, I am simply counting down to the end of the suffering 😦

But of coz both are my darlings and I have nothing against them. Will love then as much and give them as much too 🙂

Though friends would say the real suffering comes after the delivery, I think I would say it’s when I really can hold my ‘reward’ in my arms n hugs him dearly 🙂

Looking forward to see u, James!!!

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