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My Princess’ Big Three Parties

I guess, for all mummies, the biggest event of the year (apart from Chinese New Year or Xmas etc), should be the children’s birthday parties. It goes the same for me too 🙂 Jamie’s birthday is in November and I usually start planning in September. However, I started a bit later in my planning for her Big Three this year. Due to James, we even decided to down-size the usual guestlist and limit this year’s guestlist to only immediate family members and few close friends/neighbours. I guess for children parties, the most important guests are Jamie’s cousins and friends 🙂 School Party is something we cannot do without. Every child waited a whole year for their turns to celebrate in school and show to every friend their beautiful birthday cake ^^ And of coz the super goodie bags too 🙂 This year, we got Jamie involved in packing the goodie bags and she really had a good time packing them and of coz tasting the goodies too 😛

Cake choosing was tough too and I took up to 2 weeks to finally select two cake designs to customise. Really glad Jamie loves the cakes 🙂 This year, my tummy became a distraction to the other children too. They took turns to poke my tummy and asked what’s in it. Protective Big Sis Jamie buzzed around to get their hands off my tummy and said, ‘That’s my didi, okay!’ So cute ^^ I hope she remains protective when didi is born 🙂

Down-sizing the home party was really a good idea. Not only I have less logistics to manage, I also had more times to mingle among my friends and family members. Jamie enjoyed herself too coz all the children-guests were familiar faces whom she had played with before. Am happy the kids love the kids’ play areas.

Thank you everyone who attended the event too 🙂 Your presence had made this event special and meaningful to Jamie and us 🙂 Hope to see you again during James’ full month ^^

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