Marriage & Parenting


Last night:
Jamie: Mummy, I don’t want to go to school.

Mummy: why Jamie?

Jamie: becoz I am bored in the car. Only have baba one person.

She means usually I will be in the car to bring her to school becoz her sch is at my workplace. But I guess kids are always in dilemma.

Today she came home:

Mummy: Jamie, Mummy gg to work on Thursday!

Jamie: No, Mummy! U cannot go to work!
Mummy: why Jamie?

Jamie: because didi is so big already! U need to stay at home and ‘take care’ of didi!

After she finished, she gave my tummy (aka didi) a big hug and say ‘didi, I love you! How are u?’

She is really very sweet ^^

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