Marriage & Parenting

Bedrest for a week…

Sigh.. I started to bleed again..

I really freaked out on Monday (14/11) when I saw the fresh red blood in the tissue paper! All the drama series with miscarriage scenes suddenly just appeared before my eyes…

I could not get through my Laogong’s Hp nor my girlfriends’. I could not even get a taxi to bring me to TMC!

I panicked and suddenly I remember my dear mummy. Someone whom I had always been loggerhead with but yet never fails to lend me a hand when I ask for one. The next thing that happened was my brother arriving in 20 min and he flew me to TMC. Though my brother is always a man with few words, I know he really cares for me in his own ways 🙂

Laogong joined us at TMC and was mad that I was made to wait for more than an hour. He dashed to the nurses and asked for assistance. The nurses sent me for CTG and my gynae gave me a checkup over there. I was glad to know I was fine and placenta was not bleeding. But gynae felt that I seriously need to bedrest and to be observed again after a week.

I didn’t really understand the cause of the bleeding and did my own research.

It seems not uncommon and there were a few reasons for the bleeding. Only thing I remember gynae said was, James seems a bit impatient and too active.

I heard that there were MTBs required to bedrest few months till delivery! Oh my! I really cannot afford that much of rest. I need to b back at work. Hence I tell myself to rest well this week so that I can b back at work soon…

And of coz I kept nagging at James to be patient and wait a few more weeks till he is full term, otherwise we would be blown off by the 5 digits medical bills too…

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