Marriage & Parenting

Hello Prince James!!!

“See?! Baby boy is looking at you now!” Doc Chang said during detailed scan.
Many friends had been congratulating me for the past few days. Yes, I am indeed happy that my dream come true. I have always hope to have two children – a Boy and a Girl.

However, I don’t mind if both are girls too ^^ But I am happier now with the fact that the old folks are happy over Prince James.

Actually the journey only begins now… To be mentally prepared that James can never be like Jamie. This is going to be tough because like every parent, the first child set the benchmark for the next child. I won’t say Jamie is really good or bright but she has virtues which we really 没得嫌. She is sensible and observant. These two virtues are really priceless. Most people will say the children are going to b direct opposite of each other, but I secretly wish at least James can b as sensible and observant as his older sister.

Are the virtues able to b nurtured? From the concerned look of my then four month old Jamie, I must say it’s hard to nurture such virtues. But I believe if we believe, we can work towards it by setting up the right environment for such nurturing.

Some people ‘wish me luck’ because parenting a Boy and a Girl is very different. But I believe, we can help them to understand the same set of family values and belief – to care for others and to share your cake. And I won’t start worrying about the zillions of ‘what if’… Its going to b a great challenge ahead and things may not turn out the way I expect or want it to be but I will definitely still b happy with the best outcome I can have 🙂

Jiayou to all mummies with little boys!!!

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