Marriage & Parenting

Supermum reporting! Day one!

Took leave since yesterday to run errands with Pyone and to send her off today. It was a blessing I had such good helper and happy that she wants to renew her contract for another two
Years! However I realised having a good helper = we become really spoilt! We suddenly become impaired or unable to do many things or unsure of what is the correct ways of doing certain chores etc!

Now that she is off for two months home visit, I suddenly feel a bit loss, but at the same time I thought its a good opportunity for me to refresh my understanding n knowledge of doing certain things eg, cooking n cleaning the house and routine care for Jamie 🙂

Yesterday was my day one on duty!! To make it less horrifying for myself and less horrifying for jamie, I brought her to my brother’s place for my niece to play with her!

Since I got home after dinner at 9plus I had been going chores! From
Washing baby clothes to hand washing my clothes, throwing rubbish to changing rubbish bins lining, feeding Jamie w apple and milk to packing Jamie’s bag etc etc…

It’s really tiring but it’s a good ‘work out’!!! N I feel good being able to do so many things -> full time job + part time mother + part time housewife!

Hope I can juggle these duties just better and better !!! Good luck to myself!

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