Marriage & Parenting

Day 2 without Helper

Day two and I simply collapsed on bed half way through laundry!

Actually it’s not that tough I think but it’s just the need for amazing amount of energy to give Jamie the attention whenever she needs and doing housework in systematic order so that we don’t waste every bit of time. So as to have time left before bedtime to rest , not physically but mentally.

I concluded two things so far:
1) housewives = no easier life than working mummies! Coz the amount of mental energy we need to take care of children is ALOT as the children expect u to give them ur FULL attention even if u are multitasking… Eg running to her in between chores. I really salute my mum who gave up her youth and social life for my bro and I n be a long term housewife tho she is naturally a very sociable and outgoing person. And she not only mend the house but manage sidelines too coz back then my dad didn’t earn very much due to
his education. Her sidelines include baby sitting up to two other children n sewing clothes etc… Really amazing amount of energy!
2) infants are a lot more easier to take care than toddlers! Partly coz infants aren’t able to communicate their needs or even bargain with u so much! Jie will keep calling ‘mummy, where are you..’ until I appear! But of coz she isn’t like that when my helper is at home. I should think Jamie is insecure now coz she is left with mummy when she used to have mummy and aunty. I guess she will slowly adapt to it… I hope it will be soon.

Anyhow I had been trying to think if there are shortcuts to my housework. Hahaha…wish me luck!

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