Friends & Neverland

Preparing for the Lunar New Year

A year had flown past in a breeze~

The last I remember about Lunar New Year was when I was still back in the Temple.

Frankly speaking, I kinda of miss those days. It was tiring 1) to rush back to Temple to help out during Lunar New Year eve after two rounds of reunion dinners, 2) to work long hours when we have events 3) to stay back late when we have urgent meetings. But the sense of achievements back then was really good or even great! I guess afterall, events had always been something I can cope with. However, I did not regret taking that step last year, because I believe in accepting new challenges in life or rather learning to step out of the comfort zone 🙂

I learnt a lot over this one year. Not only I learnt how to write official letters/reports, I also learnt how to talk to the general public and handling difficult issues… I also learnt how to conduct interviews with young children and to conduct investigations… There are so many new things I had learnt!!!
Wiah to continue to learn more things everyday 🙂

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