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New House Almost Ready!!!

Past few weekends had always been about the new house.

Am really happy and grateful to my ID who rushed the work for us so as to meet our targeted dateline. But seriously looking at the amount of work to be done, we are really surprise he could complete the reno in less than a month. Most importantly, the job was really well done 😀

We really like what we see…


We took 2-3 weeks to confirm the reno design because we went on a short trip during the Labour Day long weekend plus we took some time to think through about the ceiling design to achieve the ambience we want.

17/05/2011 (Tues)
1. Confirm reno design, materials and colours

19/05/2011 (Thur)
1. Measurement for carpentry works
2. Fabrication started in the back end after the measurement

21/05/2011 (Saturday)
1. Bought sink, stove, hood, taps, toilet accessories etc
2. Bought all lights and ceiling fans

23/05/2011 (Mon) to 27/05/2011 (Fri)
1. All Wet Works are done (kitchen base, washing machine base, bathroom kerb etc)
2. All Ceiling Works (living room, dining room and master bedroom)
3. All Painting
4. Acid Wash
5. All Electrical Works and Piping Works
6. Select the grilles and wallpaper we want.
7. Vanity overhead panel

30/05/2011 (Mon) to 03/06/2011 (Fri)
1. All Carpentry done – kitchen cabinet, master bedroom wardrobe, master toilet vanity, living room cardboard, bomb shelter, bay window, tv console in living room and master bedroom.
2. All Lights up and working
3. Bought roller blinds for 3 bedrooms
4. Aircon installation
5. All Ceiling Fans installation

Seems that the house is all ready for move in?

Just a bit more till the official move-in date 😀

1. Wallpaper for living room and master bedroom
2. Rubber lamination for 3 bedroom
3. Windows and grills for service balcony
4. Grilles for 3 bedrooms and living room
5. Mounting the top layers of the kitchen cabinet and vanity cabinet in master bathroom
6. Installing of stove and hood
7. Installing of sink pipes and taps
8. Paint touch-up
9. Buy basic electrical appliances like rice cooker, electrical flask
10. Buy basic utensils and cutleries

So looking forward to see everything done next week 😀

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