Marriage & Parenting

Jamie going to School

Yes. I finally made up my mind.

I guess this will be the best arrangement.

I need not worry what if there isn’t any placement before next March. And I don’t need to spend too much time to shop for a ‘good’ centre.

I guess there isn’t any perfect centre anywhere. However, they are just trying to make a living, at the same time using their beliefs to educate the children and assist in their character development.

I won’t say the choice I made is THE BEST but I heard it’s branded. Of coz, the staff’s rate is one of the reason too. But the most important thing is, it’s not only regulated by law, it is also regulated by my own employer(s).

It’s not easy to make this decision. Afterall, I heard too many horror stories. However, I just feel it’s time for Jamie to grow up and stop thinking she is always a baby.

Seriously, sometimes I hope she can continue to believe she is always a helpless baby. However, she needs to grow up. At 18mths, she cannot even be bothered to hold her own milk bottle. My helper loves her too much to scold her. I love her even more. Thus it will be good to let her learn from the other children.

It will be good for her to learn how to socialise too. It should still be a few more years before I decide to close factory or have another child. She has to learn how to care and share from somewhere else in the meantime.

I really hope I won’t be like those paranoid parents whom I spoke to before.

But I guess it’s normal to be anxious and worried about Jamie’s well-being 😛

I will be making the startup payment = registration fees + 1 mth deposit + 2 wks prorated fees + registration fees + insurance fees etc on 6 June 2011. Jamie will get a chance to have a look at the school.

15 June will be her first day of school. I will accompany her for the first 3 days in school. After which, I will ask Pyone to spy for another two days before we entrust her to the teachers.

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