Friends & Neverland

Spinting in A Marathon…

You must be wondering why does one need to spint in a marathon…

Well, sometimes we have to…especially when everyone else is doing so…

It’s especially hard for a newbie to keep up with the rest though. Nevertheless, we have to. Especially when this one chance does not come easy.

I really appreciate for being told the truth which I had searched for so many years. Although I am equally helpless even after knowing the truth, I felt that at least now there is fair play. I no longer need to wonder what really went wrong. And I can work hard to improve what is expected of me.

But of coz, no matter how hard I try, I still have to leave to fate to decide what becomes of me when this year ends. However, at least I know I have tried my best and I had fought hard to prove my worth. Be it a good or bad ending, I know I can smile to myself as I move on…

I pray for whoever up there to give me the strength to run on and on… To catch up with the rest… To pace side by side with them. And to feel useful to the team and organisation.


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