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恭喜发财, 新年快乐!!!

Wishing everyone has all the dreams come true for the Rabbit Year :DJamie had lots of fun during this Lunar New Year because she no longer only get to watch all the older cousins walk around. She gets to join them this year too 😀

But because she can walk now, she is quite a monster occasionally. And she is very busy, trying to ‘help’ by transporting the tidbits from one coffee table to the next coffee table. Not only so, she will ‘demand’ to eat the tidbits too. As it’s the new year season, we did not restrict that much of her diet as we thought it would be good for her to learn to eat more food.

Now that she can do with rice, we no longer need to pack porridge when we go out. We just have to ensure she has rice or noodles at the destination for Jamie 😀

She had lots of fun playing with the kids this round too. It’s really so cute to watch the kids play together… and I really look forward to see all of them grow up together 😀

See how pretty my Jamie has grown into too 😀 Heehee…

May Jamie 快高长大、越大越美丽!!!

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