Marriage & Parenting

Finally Get to See the House Interior ^^

Last Sunday (09012011) was a very special day.

We ‘celebrated’ two special occasions on the same day 🙂

Not only we get to FINALLY see the interior of our new house, it’s also our 11th year anniversary together 🙂

Time really flies… 11th year is definitely not a short time but yet having this new nest will mean we are going to embark on a new journey together, once again.

It’s definitely will be a different feel altogether.

Compared to living in the comfort of my PIL’s house, not having to worry about 3 meals and the utilities bills; having our own house give us more ownership and yet require more responsibility in managing the household.

All may sound scary… But it’s definitely will mean topics for discussions. New ideas to brainstorm and new activities (search for appliances, lights and kitchen items etc).

I look forward to building the new nest together with my Laogong ^^

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