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Checking out the New House Again…

Met up with some new flat neighbours yesterday and took a look at one of the estate neighbours’ house interior.

It was really difficult for us to imagine how big will our new house be and hence it was really very thoughtful of these neighbours to allow us to visit their house so that we can have an idea of the meaning of 90sqm.

I have to say, my new house is gona to be really small… And I feel bad that Jamie won’t be able to enjoy as big a bedroom as her little cousin 😦 Nevertheless, I am going to doll up Jamie’s room to ensure she feels good about her own room still 😀

We sneak up to have a closer look at the new house too. And I was disappointed by the size of the window plane 😦 Sob…It’s really small… I really miss the big big windows at my mum’s house. Having grown up in a home with lot of big windows and able to have a good view in-front, I guess I will definitely need to adjust my expectations of the new house from now onwards.

But of coz, having been able to own a house I call my own is already a blessing. And hence I will continue to look forward to this new place 🙂

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