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Looking forward to the New House…

The news came both as a surprise and a shock…

I was surprised I can finally have my own space… But at the same time, I know we are not financially ready for it yet.

As much as I had been looking forward to this new house since 2007, I now secretly prayed that our key collections and/or renovation can be delayed as much as possible…

After visiting my brother’s new house, we started discussing about our new home. And I suddenly feel like checking our the website which I hadn’t been checking for a while. I was dumbfounded to know that 603A and 603B had received their HLE request letter and someone in the PL thread had estimated that I will receive my letter by October. This would mean, I will be able to get my house by end Dec…

I remembered I had hoped to celebrate Jamie’s birthday in the new house or Xmas in the new house. Now that I can get in end Dec 2010, this will mean I maybe able to spend my CNY 2011 in my new house.

But we had an issue. We weren’t financially ready yet…

We knew even if we only get the keys in June 2011, we may barely have enough too 😦 And to get it end 2010 will definitely be not enough.

Nevertheless, we are both secretly happy over the new house still…

We decided to have a look on our own to see if the forum is telling the truth. And yes, it’s true… See my new house picture…

It was a super hot day on Sunday (29/08/2010) when we visited the PL site, but then even Jamie was thrilled.

We then shopped at IKEA and Courts to check out the prices of the furnitures and electrical appliances. Saw somethings we like but since we are not sure when we can get the keys, hence we cannot place deposit yet. Pray there will be a better sale end of this year 😀

Jamie had her fun too, trying out the potential children furnitures 😛

We involved Pyone as well for the furniture choosing because she will be staying in the new house with us for 1.5 yrs before she decided whether to extend her contract. Though I had asked her before and she said she will like to come back to work for me after her contract ended and after a visit back to Myanmar, but then we really never know how things will turn out to be. As much as possible, I will wish to convince her to shorten her visit back to her homeland if not I will be very handicapped when she is not around.

Anyhow, I told her she would be sharing a room with Jamie so it’s good that she can give opinions on what type of furniture we can get for Jamie’s room.

A second child? Guess the idea has to wait. I don’t think I will have a second child if I don’t have a good helper. I even told Pyone that I will have another child only after she returns.

Laogong said I sounded as if I was threatening her but then her response was really positive and felt very appreciated 😀

After the visit, we headed to ECP for our dinner at BK. For the first time, I let Jamie tasted French Fries. It was cute to see Jamie biting the fries 😀 It reminded me of how I used to bribe her with Mcdonald Fries before each gynae checkup 😛

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