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AT LAST, a swimdate for the two little cousins…

Had been looking forward to this day.

Had went for a swimdate with other children and friends but yet to go for a swim with my niece and my da sao.

It was a wonderful experiences for both Jamie and myself.

Last Saturday (28/08/2010) which was one day before my mum’s birthday, we decided to pay my brother a visit at his new house. We had yet seen it since he moved in in early July. Since it’s a condo, we also get to use the swimming pool.

I could see that Jamie really envious her little cousin… It makes me hope to decorate her future bedroom nicely 😀

And yes, my house is ready by end of this year. Will talk more about this in the next blog entry…

Other than the kids had fun together, it was a great time swimming together with Laogong too. He rarely bring Jamie out during his free time, so every moment of dayout with Jamie is so precious to both Jamie and myself 🙂

After the swim, we had KFC for dinner and ended the Family Day together with my mum’s birthday cake cutting. Jamie for the first time, tried cake (egg white) and she seems to like it. She too tried Tomatoes and she loves it~!!!

I am so looking forward to next year when the two kids will be able to run around the house together holding hands…

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