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My Little Terror…

Now that Jamie has started crawling and learning how to stand, she is no longer as inactive as before. She is not only proactive but very verbally expressive too.

She now can make the following sounds:
1. Mama
2. Baba
3. Mum Mum – Food
4. Nai Nai – grandmother

She called out to me ‘Ma Ma’ when she saw me walking out from the lift just now.

And she called out to her daddy ‘Ba Ba’ really loud so that he would walk out of the room, when she wanted to show off new stunts to him.

She called out to my MIL (her grandmother) when she wanted to play with her.

And we knew it was no coincidental because she made all these sounds sound purposeful.

Other than these sounds, she can do the following now too:
1. Walk when leaning on something
2. Stand up when holding on to non-movable objects
3. Commando Crawl very fast
4. Can hold herself up in all fours.
5. Change from Sitting to Lying down and Lying down to Sitting position easily.

And now that she can sit up sturdily, she can now play with my niece Claris. After not seeing Claris for the past 2-3 months, I realized she had really grown up a lot. She now has really long hair, which can be tied into two pony tails.

However, though she had started interacting with other children of her age in the childcare centre, she had instead grown very shy. She didn’t even dare look up at Jamie when Jamie tried to invite Claris to play with her.

It was rare of Jamie to do that to other children of her age too. But after much observation, I realised Jamie isn’t anti-social, she just doesn’t like playing with the boys. Jamie is very friendly when she sees little girls.

Yes, Jamie doesn’t really like boys I think.

She had been kicking Kayden korkor and Boxing Lucius korkor… But the strange thing is, she seems to be okay with Asher didi… So I am really not too sure what she is thinking.

Maybe she is defensive and worried about kena bullied by the big brothers, so she decided to show them she is not a push-over first?

Nevertheless, she had grown up alot over the last 1 month, and I am looking forward to more new stunts from her.

Can you see her 4 full grown pretty teeth? Heehee… She can bite her biscuit easily into two… And also pick up her favourite gerber starry biscuits with her thumb and second finger and put it into her mouth ^^

Last but not least, I noticed her favourite character is Mickey Mouse~~~ So I am going to give her a Mickey Mouse Birthday Party for sure 😀

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