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My Fruitful Long Weekend Part 2 – Two National Day Dinners

I realized it’s really quite tough to keep up with my blogging…

Hahaha… But then I won’t give up so soon yet… 😀

Ok, this is a backdated blog entry again 😀

Remember I was saying I had a very fruitful long weekend last week? Yeah 😀 This is part 2 of the blog entry ^^

I really had a very fruitful long weekend. Before I elaborate further, take a look at what I did last weekend.

Saturday (7 Aug)
9am to 2pm – Half day Work
3pm to 4pm – Shop for red tops.

Red is something you don’t get to see very often in my closet, hence having so many NDP Dinners to attend will mean I need to top up my closet with red tops 😀 An excuse to shop ^^

4.30pm to 6.00pm – Get Jamie, myself, Laogong and Pyone ready
6.30pm to 7.00pm – Gather at Sandra’s house and walked over to the Tampines Central Park for the NDP Dinner
7.00pm to 10.30pm – NDP Dinner
11pm to 1am – Mahjong session at Sandra house
1.30am – Home Sweet Home

Sunday (8 Aug)
10.30am – woke up and prepare to go out
1pm to 2pm – Jamie’s playdate with Klaire and Asher at Peekaboo
3pm to 5pm – Jame’s playdate with Lucius at Ivy’s house
5.30pm to 6.30pm – Prepare to go for NDP Dinner
7.00pm to 7.30pm – Fetch my parents and headed towards the ACE the Place NDP Dinner at Woodlands Ave 1
7.30pm to 10.30pm – End of the dinner, fetch my parents home
12am – Watch Movie

Very fruitful right? These days weekends are so precious to me that I will try to pack as many things I can in it 😀 Today is an exception. Yest was another long day out. And I guess I need a rest to relax and browse for Jamie’s birthday party ideas, as well as recee her party venue to know how to do the table arrangement etc. Last but not least, to catch up with my blogging and drafting the guestlist for Jamie’s party 😀 And to think abit about how to kick start my online business again.

Back to the topic of the blog entry 😀

I guess this year’s is both Jamie and my first time attending NDP Dinners. And one shot, we attended 3 dinners so far. I believe there are more to come in the future and it’s definitely a good time to catch up with my bosses, colleagues, friends and family members. I always love attending the NDP in the stadium because it gave me a sense of belonging. Similarly attending the dinners with my bosses and colleagues gave me the same feeling too. I feel belonged to where I am working now. And there is no longer the need to feel shy about where I am working. Take a look at the plaque I took on behalf of my organisation ^^

If you are curious where is this place… Feel free to Call or SMS me for more information 😛 hahaha…

On 7th August 2010, we attended the National Day Dinner at Tampines Central which was very near to Sandra’s house. It was in fact, just 5min walk away. It was a great opportunity to catch up with them and feel the same feeling we once did when we attended NDP together many years back. However, it was a pity Ivy wasn’t able to join us.

This time we brought along the stroller, but Jamie was only willing to sleep in it. Most of the time, she rather sat in our laps and looked at what’s on the table and on the stage.

Frankly, it was my first time receiving a plaque from a MP and I thank my boss for giving me the opportunity to receive the plaque on he behalf of him who was attending another National Dinner in another location.

Heehee, I wore the early bird prize again but then it was just a body wellness voucher which I think comes with a lot of gimmick. Most likely I won’t be using it.

I guess it was an eye-opening for my helper too to attend all 3 National Day Dinners with us. And it was a great chance to treat my parents to a good meal too.

I brought my parents to the NDP Dinner on 8 August at Woodlands Ave 1. It’s a open field opposite the Singapore Sports School. A nice place to fly kites.

But I realized I was quite tired after the long day out with the two playdates that I forgot to take pictures with Jamie. And also I chose to dress her up in something more casual and comfortable ^^ And I think she liked it because she won’t be feeling so warm then.

Oh yea.. that’s my boss taking the plaque 😀 A very nice and patient man. Someone who shows appreciation when the jobs are done well.

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