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My Fruitful Long Weekend Part 1 – Two Short PlayDates on the Same Day

Last weekend was our long weekend National Day holidays.

And indeed I made full use of it, packing in as many activities as possible for Jamie, myself and Pyone. Frankly, I can simply stay at home and rest. However, I feel that since Jamie does not get to see me all the time now, hence there must be something for her to look forward to every weekend. And since I sometimes work late on weekday nights, all the more I need to spend time with Jamie over the weekends.

And it is not just about Jamie.

Most helpers in Singapore has dayoff, other than those who takes care of the old folks. However, Pyone does not have dayoff. She is very sure that she is here to work hard to bring as much money home as possible. The thought of it already makes me very sad. However, I cannot be selfish and keep her in Singapore after her contract ends in end March 2011. She has her own children to take care too.

And I feel it’s important to bring Pyone out every weekend because on weekdays, she doesn’t get to go downstairs with grandma for her usual walks.To maintain our healthy well-being of our mind, we need to relax and enjoy life a little. Same goes for Pyone, even when she is only a helper in Singapore. I believe as human, she needs to take a break from work and enjoy herself abit. After all, I know my little tyrant makes her so busy that she hardly has time to sneak some rest before my inlaws come home. I feel it’s important to take good care of my helper since I had decided to put Jamie’s safety in her hands. Only when she is healthy and strong physically and mentally, she will continue to be a good helper.

Another reason for willing to squeeze my time table so tightly, is because I had observed that Jamie has been quite on her own. I feel that there is the need to expose her to more children, so that she will become more sociable.

Guess what? After kicking Kayden korkor the other day, Jamie has proceed to kick and scratch Lucius korkor in he face and pinching Asher didi…

Yaa.. Jamie is so defensive these days…I really wonder if it is genetically because of me.. because I was a tomboy when I was very young and I will always stood up when someone bully me 😛

Last Sunday we went for two playdates in just a few hours.

We met Rachel-Asher and Caryn-Klaire at Peekaboo-Kallang Leisure Park from 1pm to 2pm. It is a nice place for the kids and what’s more it’s free for babies below one years old. What a good lobang Caryn has introduced to us 🙂

Asher seems to be the second boy that Jamie doesn’t mind playing with. The first is Lucius. And the interesting thing is how Jamie expressed her jealous when:
1. Asher looks at Klaire when playing with Jamie
2. I praise Asher or/and Klaire

After lunch at the food court, we headed to Ivy house to meet up with the rest of the girls and Lucius. Lucius seems to have grown taller again. He is such a big boy now!!!

And Lucius and Jamie was initially okay until Lucius started crawling over Jamie unintentionally. And notti Jamie decided to ‘punish’ Lucius by a flying kick and a scratch on his face. OMG~ I feel so embarrassed about it and kept apologising to Ivy.

Sighh I really wonder if it is a good thing for Jamie to be so defensive 😦

But she definitely has to learn to socialise with other children.

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