Friends & Neverland

Backlog Backlog Backlog…

I realised that for the past 2 weekends + this weekend, I had been so so so busy that I am now having lotsa of backlog blogging…

Some may wonder why I should feel back about not blogging up-to-date since it’s not a job after all. But I feel quite obliged to myself and all my friends who had been following closely to my blog… And I very much wish to record every bits of memories I can…

But I realized other than having so many appointments lately over the weekends, I myself rather spent more time playing and hugging my lovely little Jamie, than switching on my laptop and write my blogs 😦

I feel so so bad about it…

Guess I must really make time for blogging manz.. Coz it’s my hobby, so no matter how tired or how busy I am, I should never neglect my hobby…

Hope I can catch up with my backlog blogging soon…

Haizz.. Why not today? Frankly I had a long and busy weekends… And I really need to sleep early because am working tomorrow. Sorry 😦

But I am glad I did some updating on Jamie’s milestone and did up my expenses chart.

YES~!!! My First Pay is coming soon and I am SOOOOO looking forward to it~~~

And I know most of you are still wondering what job am I in now.

Hahaha, keep you all at suspense first, until I get confirmed in September 🙂

Wish me luck~!!!

Nitez all 😀

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