Marriage & Parenting

Learning new things everyday…

Time flies, I had worked for a week + 3 days. And everyday is still a new challenge to me. There seemed to be so much that I have to do and can do for my new workplace. But yet I feel really blissful and happy working there.

I had thought my engine must have been rusty after not working in an office for 1.5 years, however, it turned out that I can ‘swim’ from the moment I was let into this new ‘pond’.

I won’t say I did a lot so far since I had only worked for 8 days. But then, I will say I believe there are many more things I can do and that I will be able to do too.

I guess some people find me weird. I actually like working. I like feeling useful and adding value and leading a fruitful life, helping another organization to improve their working system etc.

I am very grateful that I have a good helper too. I felt thankful over and over again that I can actually work with no worries at all. Even when Jamie was sick for a few days last week, I know I can trust my helper to take good care of Jamie. Only then I can concentrate fully at work. And yes, I have to keep saying this. I am really thankful that I can find a job so soon, and have a good helper to take good care of Jamie while I work hard to provide more for Jamie…

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