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Shopping Dayout with Jamie on eve of new job start…

Sounds so sad right 😛

I believe I will still have the chance to bring Jamie for shopping on weekdays 🙂 But then I guess today is a special day. Because it marks the end of my Stay-at-Home-Mum or Work-from-Home-Mum Days…

From Tomorrow onwards, I will be a Working Mother…

I already know that I will definitely miss Jamie a lot at work tomorrow. I may even wish to call home at lunch time to ‘talk’ to Jamie. However, I am sure Jamie will be in good hands and will be well-take care of.

Hence I will keep reminding myself that I will work hard and bow low for the sake of Jamie. I want to buy her more pretty dresses and more toys. I want to give the best I can to Jamie. I want her to have a no-worries childhood. I want her to be a happy child. Jamie will be my motivation and aspiration to work hard and jiayou in my new job.

But of coz other than for the sake of my child, there are many other reasons for me to wish to work for my former boss again. And one thing for sure (at least for now), I want to retire in this job. It has always been my dream to find the right job so I can retire in it, just like my dad. He has been working 30+ yrs for the same company and he is retiring from the job soon. I wish I can be like my father….It’s very tiring to keep finding the right job and the right boss…and the right colleague(s)…

So All the Way for this new job 😀

Since I was worried that I may not have the time to bring Jamie for a shopping trip before the Lucius’ BIG DAY, I brought Jamie to Kiddy Palace in TPY to choose her a pretty dress for her favourite korkor 😀

See Jamie’s pretty dress for Lucius Korkor’s First Year BIRTHDAY~!!!

Other than that, since it is the last day of the GSS for Kiddy Palace Members, hence I also bought Jamie’s supply of diapers and wet tissues.

Am really curious whether Pureen Diapers is good or not, and since it is selling at only $15.95 for 84pc (M size), hence I bought a packet to try. Won’t mind changing to Pureen from Huggies if it’s good. However, Huggies is still my favourite 😛

Heehee, take a look at Jamie new loots…

Had been using Laogong’s haversack as diaper bag since Jamie was born. So specially bought a new haversack for Jamie (and her caretakers – Me and Pyone) so Laogong can have his haversack back 😀

OH YA.. Not forgetting the fun learning tool complimentary from Aunty Joey and Uncle Desmond I met up for tea time after our shopping!

Actually I had tried to avoid walking into any kiddy palace shop for sometime because I know I definitely will want to buy something for Jamie. But since financially we may not be able to sustain anymore if I continue to have no fixed pay, hence I had to force myself to stop buying things for Jamie. Now that I know I can have a fixed pay job, I thought it will be nice to buy Jamie something again to mark the start of Looking forward to buy more loots for Jamie soon ^^

Hahaha… What an excuse to shop for Jamie 😛

Love you Jamie!!! Mummy Loves You SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH~!!! So Much till I only want to have one child so I can LOVE U AND YOU ONLY 😀

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