Friends & Neverland

Yeah! I found a full time job~

It has been a good long wait.

I can’t say I really sent out many resumes. But I know I am looking for THE job.

THE job that I can retire in for good.

My Laogong likes to call me a serial job hopper. Seriously, I don’t find it fun to keep changing jobs and keep starting all over again. It’s really very tiring. And since I tried almost every job I am interested in and even tried something I never thought I will do – Sales… I guess, I know what’s my Ideal Job in mind.

And I am pretty excited about this new job I found.

I can’t share much about it now yet. Will share more after I start work.

All I can say is, all things happened for a reason. In other words, maybe we can call it fate that we may end up walking in circles and coming to the same place you left long ago. It may not be a bad thing after all. It may just mean when you first got the job, it may not be the RIGHT time. But now that years had passed and things had changed, it is the RIGHT time for you to take up the job again…

Sounds really interesting right?

Heehee… Stay Tuned 🙂 I am starting work on 1 July 2010. Hear more about my job after next thursday then 🙂

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