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Jamie First Cycling Experience (26 June 2010)

It was a tiring day today but it is totally worth it!

Guess even after I started my full time job, I will want to make time to bring Jamie out.

Had a long Open House today from 11am to 4pm. Had to clean up the house abit too to prepare for the Open House but it’s just part of the job to ensure the house is at its best condition for viewing to fetch the best price.

I was pretty tired after the viewing, but I had promised Jamie to bring her to ECP to cycle. I never want to be a Mother who doesn’t keep her promises. So despite I am tired and sleepy, I still bring her and Pyone to ECP. And of coz, my very nice Laogong came along too. He is really very nice to me because despite it being his last school holidays weekends, he still make time to help me out at the Open House in case too many buyers come at the same time.

Jamie really enjoyed herself and she had her many first times today.

Not only it’s her first Cycling Experience…

It is also her First Encounter with the sand and sandcastles…

And her First time able to sit up unsupported in a Baby Chair to eat her meal!!!

I am really looking forward to experiencing more first times with Jamie!!!

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