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Jamie is still Sick :(

Finally I decided to get a digital thermometer for Jamie…

Realized the scanner thermometer is not accurate 😦 haizzz.. Jamie had been running a fever the whole day and it was only until evening time when I went to Thomson Plaza to get the digital thermometer then I realized it.

My poor Jamie.. I hope not too many brain cells had died coz of it 😦 haizzz.. Luckily at least I kept her on the cooler plaster for the whole day…

Laogong suggested giving Jamie a cold bath at night. Really worried about her body temperature and so had to do it. It’s already a torment to watch her struggling during each medicine feed. And to watch her struggle in the cold water, I felt that we were really heartless to her.

But then, we had no choice 😦

Her fever went down after the cold bath.

She was even enjoying her new toy car. She got really exciting watching the wind-up toy car moved from Me to Pyone and then from Pyone to Me. She would whine when the car stopped moving.

I guess this means she is still conscious… Phew…

Really pray that Jamie gets well soon…

Take a look at Jamie having her cold head treatment + her new loots I got from Thomson Plaza this evening… And most importantly, her new toy car 😀

Guess I can don’t eat when I am broke. But I can’t help it but still wish to buy toys for Jamie when I don’t even have enough to buy bread (food) home…

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