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Jamie goes to the Zoo…

Guess I may end up blogging once a week, but then I will try my best to blog more regularly. Anyhow, I will still at least blog once a week.

It was a busy weekend for me.

On Saturday, we brought Jamie to the zoo. It was MOE family day so laogong managed to get $10/pax tickets to the zoo. He got 3 for ourselves and Pyone + 3 more for Yeewen, Yeepey and her bf…

It was a tiring but fun day for all of us 😀 And we were really lucky. It was drizzling when we reached the zoo and stopped when we started touring ard, and started to pour at 11am+. But we managed to hide at the elephant show sheltered area when it poured. So we had the free KFC lunch there as we watched the show. When the show ended, the rain stopped too. So Lucky right?

But hor, Jamie is still too young to appreciate the zoo and the animals. She was sleeping half the time too. I realized she likes to sleep when she is out on a warm day 😛 hahaha…

But I think she has her own fun that day coz it’s a family day after all with Daddy and Mummy 😀

Think will really like to bring her and my niece to the zoo after she learns how to walk 😀 Will be so cute to watch the two girls holding hands and looking at animals together 😀 Heehee…

And I can’t wait to know which animal Jamie loves most!!!


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