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First Swim Date with Kayden korkor

Biography of Jamie about her First Swim Date!!!

Finally!!! Yeah! Finally, I get to have my first swim~

Was so worried when Mummy frowned as she looked at the raindrops pouring down when we were in the taxi, on our way to Aunty Kherray house. And I knew that Mummy will be very sad if she cannot bring me for my first swim again 😦 She had been feeling guilty about falling sick on the date of my intended first swim. She even packed the bag one day earlier but then she was just too sick to even get out of the bed. But I didn’t blame her because I would want her to have more rest too. There will always be another chance for another swimdate.

When we reached Aunty Kherray’s house, Kayden korkor had just woke up from his nap and playing on his walker. It looked really fun and I would like to try it too. Mummy seemed to know what I was thinking and asked if Kayden korkor can lend the walker to me for a while. Kayden korkor is really so sweet and nice! He even let me played with all his toys! And he also taught me how to read!!! I hope we can grow up to become best friends!!!

We noticed Mummy and Aunty Kherray checking the weather every now and then and wondered if we can still swim today. At last, at about 6pm, the rain finally stopped and we headed towards the swimming pool. First we went to Yishun Safra, then we realized the pool is not opened to the public on weekends. Wahh, what a suay day today! But luckily, Yishun public pool is just 5 min away from the Yishun safra.

When we reached the pool, we can’t wait to jump into the water. I was really fascinated by the slides in the baby pool. Wonder when can I play with it with Kayden korkor?

Mummy was very happy too that she finally can put on her new swimsuit too and go swimming with me. I think she said she hadn’t swim for years. Wow.. how long is that?

I love the new float Mummy bought for me!!! And it was not easy to blow the float up coz it was so BIG!!! But I am still too young to ride the float on my own. Thus Mummy had to hold on tight to me to play with the float. I hope I can grow up faster so I can play with the float on my own!!!

I noticed Kayden korkor has this very cute neck float and I will like to try on it but I think I am too small for it. So I guess, I will just keep to my sitting float and let Kayden korkor play with his neck float.

We were just having fun when it started to drizzle again 😦 So sad… Mummy and Aunty Kherray were worried we catch a cold and thus that’s the end of our long awaited swim. We were changed and then brought to a coffee shop nearby to buy dinner. After that, we headed back to Aunty Kherray house. I was so sleepy that I KO-ed on the carrier while Aunty Pyone was carrying me.

When I woke up, Kayden korkor had bathed and it’s my turn to bath. After my bath, I rested on Kayden Korkor’s rocker while it’s Kayden korkor’s turn to KO. Aunty Kherray is so nice to me! She let me have Kayden korkor’s porridge and it’s so yummy and I hope I can grow up faster so I can eat more!!!

After my porridge, I KO-ed till Daddy came to fetch us at 10.30pm. It was a happy but tiring ride home. And I was soon fast asleep after Mummy wiped me down for the day and changed me into my pajamas.

I love to swim and hope to go for another swim date soon! Please call my Mummy if you will like to date me for a swim k ^^

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