Marriage & Parenting

Finger Licking Good!!!

I made red apple puree for Jamie with 1/4 red apple just now. The food processing kit really comes handy! However, I think it requires a lot of post-preparation washing. Lucky I have my good helper with me to help me clean up everything after I prepared the puree and started feeding Jamie! Thanks Pyone!!!

Jamie really loves apple like her Daddy! She even tried to snatch the spoon from me to feed herself! Nowadays every second we are like ‘fighting’ with this little angel. She will do her flipping during Diaper Changing and now she will do the SPOON SNATCHING during feeding… Faintz… And she is growing stronger everyday! Pinning her down during Diaper Changing makes me arms ache~~~ Because she really uses all her might to try and flip even when I hold her two legs tightly together. Aiyoyo!!!

Anyway she really likes the Red Apple Puree and asked for more! And she ate it in such a cute way!!! Each spoonful she took in, she accompanied it with a moment of thumb-sucking! Hahaha… Maybe she was amused how tasty her thumb seemed when she suck and eat at the same time 😛

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