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A Very Special 30th March 2010

Yea, tomorrow will be a very special 30th March 2010 😀

We are fetching our new helper after 6pm.

She was supposed to come over on Wednesday instead, however the agency just called and told me, she is free by tomorrow, 6pm, so I can fetch her tomorrow if I want to. Since my hubby is not free on Wednesday, I thought it will be good to get the helper over tomorrow too. I have a long list of stuffs to brief her. And Wednesday will be a new start for her… and myself…

arghhh got to wake up at 5am with her 0____0

Anyhow, I am very excited for the arrival of my new helper!!!

Hope my new helper is going to be a good helper… I guess I won’t wish to expect too much but at least she must be hardworking and willing to learn. It’s okay that she is slow, but she must be eager and willing to learn.

A capable helper who is lazy, is a bad helper compared to a helper who is slow to learn but willing to learn.

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