Friends & Neverland

Give me a Break!!!

Was feeling really unhappy for a few days.

Was even at the edge of minor depression (again)…

It’s definitely not easy being a SAHM.. Not easy at all.

You don’t have social life, and all you do is related to baby and the housework…

It’s kinda of crazy manz, to think about it.

I really wonder how the older generation can take it… My mum herself was a SAHM cum home-based freelance worker cum babysitter since I was young. She used to be a very sociable person like me, and I believe she had struggled many times when she first decided to stop working.

Sometimes,I simple don’t feel like talking to anyone and just focusing on just Jamie… And many a time, I really hope someone can give me a pat on the shoulder, telling me that I am a good SAHM…

But the sad thing is, most people don’t really appreciate SAHM. In this cruel society where money makes the world go round, only the breadwinners will be respected. And somehow whoever chose to stay at home for the kids, are simply ‘You asked for it’.

Well, sad to hear this right? Sighhh…

My Dear Mummy, I salute you!!! For giving up your social life and everything for us all these years.

Today I finally told myself, I need a break… I need time-off!!! Not that I have anything against Jamie, but I really need to get away from it all, and have some fresh air and feel alive again!!!

So I walked out of the house when Jamie was asleep. Grandma-in-law was at home so I need not be too worried. I prepared the milk and put it in the food warmer, in case Jamie woke up. And I went out for two full hours.

But guess what? I spent the first 1 hour doing baby groceries… Hahaha… But I was happy because finally I can enjoy the shopping process. Normally when I went shopping with my friends or hubby, it was a mad rush. I had to grab everything and head for the cashier queue. But then, Today I could take my time to go through my ‘mental shopping list’ slowly. I even did the groceries for the new helper who will be arriving next Wednesday.

After buying the stuffs, I wondered whether I should treat myself to a good teabreak. I tried calling home but the phone was engaged. Thinking that Jamie should be in good hands with Grandma-in-law, I ordered 2 side dishes and sticky chewy chocolate icecream from swenson.

I felt recharged and contented immediately after my teabreak!!! I even miss Jamie when I was browsing at the photos in my camera.

And I headed back home for my bao bei Jamie~

There she was, tired after crying for 1hr. She was looking at me with a ‘Mummy, You are Back!’ look~~~ She koala-ed me immediately and felt like the happiest baby in the world again! She smiled to me when I asked if she missed me~

Jamie, I really Love you so much! Though Mummy needs a time-off once a while but it doesn’t mean Mummy doesn’t love you anymore. Instead, it’s because Mummy wants to love you more~~~

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