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When Mummies meet Mummies…

Am really Happy that the Nov 09 Forum Mummies finally met each other. And am very happy to be able to be one of the organizers, at the same time, managed to get some samples from sponsors…

I guess the Babies had their fun too meet playmates of their age. See how they tried to say ‘Hallo’ to each other and make friends!!!

However, I still couldn’t understand why Jamie looked so grouchy the whole day, while other babies seemed to enjoy themselves so much… Or was she just trying to act cool??? See how cool she looked… Aiyoh… She was sooo anti-social!!!

Frankly it was amazing to gather 20 mummies + daddies + babies + some toddlers (tota

l about 40+ pax) for the gathering. But we did it!!! And we could keep organizing more of this type of gathering too 🙂 Coz it not only help to bring people with similar experiences together (working mummies vs SAHM), it also helps to gather playmates for our little ones ^^ It makes me feel, I am not alone, experiencing the challenges… Yea, it’s really like a support group for the new mummies~!!!

I am looking forward to many of such gatherings!

And I feel it’s a good chance for the Daddies to get to know each other and maybe exchange some experiences with each other as well. Because Mummies and Daddies think very differently as parents. It’s only through communicate with someone who thinks alike, you will realize certain pointers which you may miss out.

I am really amused by how orderly the Daddies can rearrange themselves for the group photoshoot~!!! We, mummies all wondered if it’s coz of the army training!!! Hahaha…

But I guess because the group is really quite big, hence we didn’t have a chance to talk to everyone. However, I managed to get to know some really nice mummies and also find out who are the babies who were born on the same day as Jamie!!!

All thanks to the 4 organizers! It was nice to be involved with the event coordination, which I always enjoyed doing. I guess I need not work for an organisation that allows me to organise events, instead I can do it at my free time or as a hobby even ^^ Hip Hip Hurray~!!!

I am happy to see that Laogong is happy to attend the event too. And he gets to snap snap snap away 😀 It’s a great family day for 3 of us too!!!

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