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More DayOuts with Jamie~


I enjoyed Dayouts with Jamie alone so much, that I will bring her out as much as possible~!!!

Especially so before I get a full time job.

But secretly, I very much wish to be a long term SAHM… maybe doing freelance property and some online biz to off-load my Laogong on our financial instability. However, it can only be possible if miracles happened, before I find my job. Well, I will just need to enjoy my free time now and make the best of whatever resources I have to see if I can create miracles…

Anyway, I had been bringing Jamie out a lot later, especially to shopping at J8 with my friend, Qiuling. And I love making home visits to other SAHMs too~!!!

And I believe Jamie loves going out with Mummy too 😀 So much so, I have a feeling, sometimes she is ‘waiting’ for her next Gai Gai~!!! hahaha…

Not possible to shop with a baby (and her stroller)? Who say so??? I was pretty desperate to get some CNY clothes just before CNY, and jio-ed Qiuling to go with me. I not only bought 1 dress and 1 top for myself, I also bought 2 polo tees for Laogong too~ And lotsa of other baby items~ Which includes some cooling singlets and shorts(for the hot weather) and some baby storybooks~!!! I even get to sit at the CNY outdoor Gei-Tai, and enjoyed the songs~ While Jamie slept happily in her carrier. I guess the more adventures you exposed your baby to, the more adventurous she will become~

Yeah, I really can’t helped but buy lotsa of baby items whenever I go shopping. I will then show Jamie all these items when we get home. I bought her some toys during the post-CNY shopping at J8 too~!!! Heehee… and most important some teethers for her to bite…

She seems to love it so much…

And of coz Qiuling loves Jamie’s company too~ She even helped me when Jamie pooed during one of our shopping session~ Hahaha, I think most of my friends get very excited when they assisted me in cleaning Jamie each time she pooed. These hands-on experiences actually inspired some of them to wish to have their own babies very soon~!!!

But of coz there were some who got turned off just watching babies cried for milk. I guess it’s inevitable for non-parents to feel intimidated or irritated by babies who threw tantrum or cried to get what they want. However, if we are able to view all these challenges positive and sees it as a sense of achievement each time they get to overcome these challenges, or learnt a new parenting skill, it can actually make parenting an enjoyable process 🙂

See how happy Qiuling looked with Jamie in the Baby Changing room 🙂

Other than shopping trips, Jamie visited her Lucius korkor and Aunty Ivy on last Wednesday (24 Feb). From the trip, I realised that she had been very deprived lately, because she doesn’t have any toys at home~!!! Hahaha…

She was sooo engrossed with Lucius’ toys as she laid down on his bumper mar. She did not get her eyes off the musical star sorter for a good 30minutes or more!

See how engrossed she looked… So did Lucius who saw Jamie interested with his toys…

And I realised it’s good for babies to interact with each other. Each time Jamie interact with an older baby who can do things she can’t, she will come home inspired and wish to experience what she had just learnt.

For example, after Jamie seen few other babies who can flip, she will come home attempting to flip as well! From being easily irritated due to her incapability to showing determination in her attempt to flip, Jamie had managed to progress quite a bit. Hope she will be able to flip on her own very soon…


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