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Gong Xi Fa Cai~!!! Huat Ah~!!!

Gong Xi Fa Cai~!!!Had been really busy during Lunar New Year and waited till now to find the time to blog.

How’s everyone’s Lunar New Year?

It’s Jamie’s first Lunar New Year~ And I think she really loves her angbaos ^^

See how Happy and Curious she looked as she held on to her first angbaos by daddy and mummy on Lunar Chu Xi Night ^^

On first day of Lunar New Year, Jamie put on her new romper by my mother and visited my parents, my godparents and my grandparents. She looked like a little bunny in her new clothes 😀 And our family colour theme was PINK~!!! See how PINK daddy and mummy looked too~!!!

This year it’s really happening in my grandmother’s house. There were 3 cow babies born last year in june, august and november respectively, hence beside 3mth old Jamie, there is also 5mth old Kayden and 8mth old Yiming too who are still babies. At the same time, the two mice – my niece Clarisse and Jayden are 16mth and 20mth old respectively.

Take a look at the cuties~

And introducing.. the mummies ^^

I really can’t wait to watch the 5 babies grow up together 🙂 It reminded me of the good old days when me and my cousins were still children.

I think Jamie had her fun too~~~ coz it was her first time seeing so many babies together too 🙂 Kekeke and I like this photo best… Hee.. Kayden and Jamie looked so cute as they observe each other…

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