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Jamie’s First Blading Session~

Yeah, want to prove to many out there that I can still blade even when I bring a baby along 😛 hahaha…

I guess there are many possibilities as long as we think out of the box and really be creative. And of coz believe in the unconventional ways of parenthood. And of coz when the situation arise, we must not ‘submit to fate’… heehee…

Initially we planned to leave Jamie at home and go for our blading session since my MIL is normally home on Sundays. However, so happened that she just started her english course last Sunday and hence she will not be home in the afternoon to help us with Jamie. I was prepared to give up our blading plan then because it sounds very absurd to bring a baby to ECP to blade and there isn’t any emergency care centre on Sundays. However, Laogong was determined that we will proceed with our blading plan since we 好不容易 managed to jio 3 of our blading khakis – Yeewen, Russ and Edmund. Moreover it is my first re-blading session after 2 years~!!! Ya.. I stopped blading in 2008 to be avoided to be under the sun coz of my wedding and in 2009, I was pregnant and couldn’t blade too 😛

I felt so happy that I can take care of Jamie as well as enjoy my Sunday~!!! See how sweet Jamie looks in her pretty yellow dress. She looks sweet even when she was sleepy!!! hahaha…

Heehee, but first of all, we need to ensure Jamie stayed cool at all times. Inventive Daddy did a Ba-Sha for Jamie’s Stroller. Before we set off for our blading session, we kept Jamie under air-con environment as long as we can. We had our brunch at BK before we put on our blading gears..

Was very amazed by Yeewen’s fast learning skills. It was only her 4th blading session and she can blade so fast~!!! Since I hadn’t bladed for a while, hence I held on to the stroller and blade to balance myself! And Jamie was happily sleeping and enjoying the breeze through-out the session!

We only bladed for 2hrs because the sky was getting darker. We headed towards the Ci-Nai HK Cafe for our Tea break 😛 And ordered a lot of nice food 😛 Sweet Daddy took care of Jamie while I chatted with Russ. It had been a while since we last catch up.

<img alt=”” border=”0″ src=”
/s400/IMG_6481.JPG” id=”BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5434411166583961810″ style=”cursor: hand; cursor: pointer; display: block; height: 300px; margin: 0px auto 10px; text-align: center; width: 400px;” />

I think Jamie had fun last Sunday 😛 Heehee, of coz lah! She was the centre of attention~!!!

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