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ADV – A week of Shiok Shiok Post-Natal Massages at Rustic Nirvana

Sob Sob, my week of rest had ended.

But really happy that my laogong gave me the 3 days of 0.5 days off ^^ And thankful that my mum helped me to look after Jamie on Thursday so that I can go for my post-natal massage.

I guess every new mummy needs their hubbies to pamper them and give them off days once a while. And of coz this can only be done with extra hands to help us with our babies too. Hence I am thankful I have a helpful mother-in-law and an understanding mother.

And of coz I have a very sweet and nice laogong.

He has been very tired since both his working and studying school term started but yet he will try as much as possible to let me go out with my friends. He will then rest at home and take care of Jamie.

And throughout the week of my remaining Post-Natal Massages at Rustic Nirvana, he will either send me to the doorstep or sponsor cab fares if he is unable to send me there.

Hence when he told me he was unable to give me a full week of 0.5 days rest, I know it was because of his work and study schedule. And hence, I took Jamie to Rustic Nirvana with me on Tuesday and Wednesday and left her at my mum’s house on Thursday.

I have to say being family-friendly, Rustic Nirvana had helped to relieve my stress a lot. The friendly and helpful staffs took care of Jamie while I was doing my Massages. It was because of this exclusive service that many other mummies are able to enjoy their post-natal massages at the spa in peace.

I chose the Branch at Liang Seah Street because it has a small crowd on weekday afternoons. My Therapist was a 21 years old young local lady (Kelly) who had been in service for two years. Her cheerful personalities made my massage sessions very enjoyable. Despite being young, she was very professional in her service and knew her job very well. She could explain all the session procedures and product functions very well.

My 5-day Post-Natal Massages are free because they came in complimentary to the Home Confinement Package I bought some time back. Each session includes a Whole Body Jamu Massage + Jamu Wrap + Steamer Wonder or Sandstone Bath. To enhance the effect of the 5 sessions, I bought an additional box of anti-cellulite ampules (contain 10 bottles of ampules) + a bottle of Fat-Burning Gel + complimentary 2 session of Sea Salt Application, which cost me $500 (U.P. $570). It was believed that each application of the products will have an effect which last for 24 hours. And true enough, even after I had taken my shower, I still felt the on and off heating sensation.

On Monday and Tuesday I had the Jamu Massage + Jamu Wrap + Steamer Wonder and on Wednesday to Friday, I had the Jamu Massage + Jamu Wrap + Sandstone Bath. In additional, I had the Sea Salt Applications on Thursday and Friday.

As mentioned earlier on, the Sea Salt Application helps to drain the excessive water retained in my body and the Whole Body Jamu Massages helps in detox and slim down my whole body.

This time round, I enjoyed a longer session of Steamer Wonder – lasted for 20-30 minutes. In this treatment , I was covered with a specially designed blanket with a pot of specially brewed herbs. This steaming session helped to invigorate the body to perspire heavily and hence the body is able to rejuvenate by greatly reducing water retention.

On the other hand, the Sandstone Bath assimilates the detoxification process by Japanese women who enjoy immersing themselves in beach sand on hot sunny days. In this treatment, I was immersed in a tub of heatd sand that has been treated with aromatic salts and herbs, all in the comfort of an air-conditioned setting.

Personally, I enjoyed the Sandstone Bath more than the Steamer Wonder. Maybe because I felt that the heat was more equally distributed when I was immersed in the Sand. I even fell asleep during all the 3 sessions during the Sandstone Bath!!!

This time round, the effect of the Post-Natal Massages was more evenly spread out over my whole body. I have slimmer arms and thighs now with additional with a slimmer tummy.

Before Massage – I weighed 57.2kg and tummy is 94cm.

After Massage – I weigh 56kg and tummy is 91cm.

Rustic Nirvana is still selling the Home Confinement Package at 1 for 1 (5 sessions of home massages + 5 sessions at Rustic Nirvana) for only $838 (Usual Price $1283)~!!! For mummies-to-be and mummies who haven’t signed up any Jamu massages, you should consider signing up the package with Rustic Nirvana. If you will like to try out their services before signing the package, you can sign up with the Mother2Baby Club by emailing your particulars to Membership is FREE and you are entitled to a complimentary pre-natal or post-natal massage (worth $120).

It’s a pity that I had budget constraints, if not I may consider signing a maintenance package with Rustic Nirvana. No one will mind being even slimmer 😛 Well, I will just pray hard that I find a job soon~!!!

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