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A Week of Birthday Celebrations for my Friends~!!!

January is filled with my good friends’ birthday and hence last week was a week of Birthday Celebration. That includes my laogong’s birthday which was yesterday!!!

And today is my ‘大妹’ , Yeewen’s Birthday!!! Hereby, I wish her Happy Birthday and hope all her wishes will come true!!!

We celebrated Yeewen’s birthday on 20/01/2010.

It was only two weeks since we last saw each other, but it was like months to us. Sound really mushy but think we enjoy each other’s company very much and always looking forward to our next meet ups.

See Jamie’s all ready to go out~!!!

After my massage last Wednesday, I went to have my ‘tea break’ at Gloria Jeans at Cityhall. I met two really nice guys there who helped me look after Jamie while I ordered my food and drink. One of them even helped me to take my food to my table when Jamie started crying for me.

We had dinner at No Signboard Seafood Restaurant and went for a drink at Harry’s at Esplanade. Think Harry’s has somehow become our regular chilled out place on weekdays because there isn’t any crowd on weekday nights. More so, when Jamie joined us last Wednesday~!!!

We also bought Wenwen’s her birthday cake~!!!

Chin Leng and my laogong joined us too towards the end of our meetup. And we celebrated for the other two men as well, whose birthday is on 26/01 and 23/01 respectively.


On Friday, we celebrated Shihua aka Michael’s Birthday (19/01) and Meimei’s Birthday (25/01). It was our first YJC gathering for this year. Hope we have many more gatherings this year.

Was happy that both Winston and Gabian announced their good news. I guess we will have more weddings to look forward to every year~!!!

We went to Sun with Moon for dinner and had a good chat. Winston who is always full of surprises got them their birthday cake too~

Look at how delicious the food are~

The two lovely slices of cake~ and Singing birthday song~

Last but not least, the group photos~~

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