Marriage & Parenting

My 101 Post…

This is my 101st post and it’s the 7th day of 2010.

Had been quite on my own in caretaking my baby since the beginning of the new school term. No choice, as much as my hubby wishes to help me with Jamie, he is very tired everyday after work. Half more years before his part time masters is completed, hope that after his studies, he will have more time for baby and me.

Something has been bugging me for many days. Actually I am supposed work hard for my property work. I was supposed to do coldcalling or even distribution of flyers, however I find myself quite stuck. Telesales was never my forte nor something I will enjoy. I always feel that I am too thin-skinned to go through the process and worse the possible rude replies from my potential clients. Sometimes I really wonder if it’s really not my cup of tea. However, sometimes I will also feel 不甘心 because I know I really had not tried hard enough yet.


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